Pilates Fundamentals to Eliminate Lower Back Pain


Back pain just plain stinks! How many times have you stopped yourself from playing a sport that you love, going to the park with your children or grandchildren, traveling, going out to dinner, or even working because your lower back hurt? Former competitive mountain climber Bob Pass had this problem. He fell while climbing and hurt his back. For 5 years he couldn't exercise or climb without being incapacitated for at least a day. And then he tried this specific Pilates program. "I have been using your regimen religiously since you sent them to me [two weeks ago].

I just wanted to get in touch and thank you. They have worked wonders with the pain. I am actually climbing just a few levels below where I was prior to the fall. You're great. Again, thanks and God Bless, Bob Pass" Just 6 simple exercises used morning and evening for 21 days and your back can feel much better! Thousands of Lynda's Pilates and fitness training clients have successfully eliminated chronic back pain using this simple program.

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